• Pincushions
    Extraordinary appearance carries beauty, courage, encouragement, and power. They are the perfect flowers to communicate sentiments.

  • Ranunculus
    Flowers (also known as buttercups) are beloved for their brilliantly colored, paper-thin petals, voluminous blooms and symbolism rooted in love.

  • Delphiniums
    Carries the symbolic meaning of joy, happiness, and goodwill, but also innocence and tenderness.



Betel Flowers originated as a family-owned enterprise in 2006 with a different proposal of becoming artists of seduction and communicators of beauty, capable of awakening the most sublime emotions and deep feelings that could only be brought by the magic expression of a flower.

We are located in a region safeguarded by the majestic Cayambe volcano (Ecuador – South America), home of the best flowers in the world, we invite you to let yourself be naturally seduced by our varieties, grown in a social and environmentally responsible enclosure, in which honest and hardworking people participate, committed, primarily, to the spirit of a stem, the magnificent color of a flower and the harmony of natural life.




How we cultivate

We are pioneers in the cultivation of certain varieties in Ecuador, and in an innovative sense, we have established ourselves as a revolutionary enterprise focused on research, renewal and learning, ensuring the development of superior growing techniques and strategies designed to increase our production.

It is not our intention to be just another flower company, we want to be a company that creates feelings, emotions, beauty and natural art. That is the spirit that has taken us to naturally seduce our international markets that currently are being served by our products.